Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mr Personality

A quick peek at Friday night's session...
This family is just so super sweet. Thier son is just full of personality...I love it!!

...and I thought there was something familiar about Mom when I met her; turns out she was one of the awesome Drs. that helped my hubby in the ER a few weeks ago when he had his jump accident. Sooooooo mortified that I didn't realize that right off the bat!! (I wasn't too 'with it' that day) But again- thank you!!
(I love this one...)

( ...and how 'bout his laugh in this one?!!) Tiefort never ceases to amaze me at sunset. While I get so homesick sometimes for the Jersey shore , grass, and evening rains in the Jersey Pinebarrens (such a soothing sound to fall asleep to), we it comes time for us to PCS I will definetely miss the Tiefort sunsets.
Thanks for a fun evening with the three of you!! I'll have your gallery online soon for you to enjoy...

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  1. LOVE them!!! Evander looks awesome, isnt he a trip!