Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Blackjack 6 - Out."

On Tuesday morning I had the honor of photographing "Blackjack 6's" Change of Command Ceremony. Congratulations again on your successful command, and enjoy having a little "breather" from those 4 AM phone calls! Here's a bit of a glance back at your ceremony for you to enjoy...I'll have your complete gallery online in a jiff.

Singing those Baby Blues

When I was in Kansas I was part of a really great photo club with some fantastic Manhattan area photographers, including Ali Mocabee and Scott Bean. I loved the photo trips, discussions, and an artist, I just love being surrounded by challenges and other creative minds. So I've been going a tad bit bonkers out here without a photo club or outlet for my brain; especially with all the craziness Mike and I have been going through with his cancer diagnosis, I've been craving a little mental distraction. So for a bit of fun I'm taking a photography class this fall! And that means...homework!!! So I am very grateful for the three Moms who let me "borrow" their cuties this past Monday so I could get a start on some of my assignments....

as a little "thank you" for their time, they'll each get a individual shot of their sweetie...
as well as a group shot! I put a "call for models" out on my blog & facebook page a bit ago...
so keep your eye out for more of those! (aren't these little expressions priceless? I have to admit, this photo session didn't help me get over the "baby itch" AT ALL!!)

The three of them are just so sweet. This little handsome devil was such a flirt...(catch his arm around her? hehehe) I love the honest little moment here...this poor little guy started to cry during the group shots, and his two little friends were just looking so concerned. So sweet! (of course, it was the domino effect after that!) It was so fun for me to meet these little ones and their awesome Moms. Thanks again so much for your time!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, Saturday!

Got back late Friday evening from my OpLove Session in Tehachapi...had a fun day, came home & spent some time with the hubby and one of our best friends who was in from out-of-town, got ready for my Sat AM shoot, and hit the sack thinking I was all set for the weekend....then,POW! Woke up Saturday AM to the red, watery, annoying allergy eyes....errrrrg...thank goodness for my "nerd goggles," as my hubby calls 'em, (guess that's the hint that I need a new pair of glasses)- my contacts were definetly not loving me that AM. I was so grateful that at least the family coming for pictures I had done a session with in the past - if Mom didn't know me, I'm sure she would've thought I was quite the party girl on Friday night! eeks! But, on to the session...
Miss Audrey is growing up so fast. I did her newborn pics...and now look at her! Sitting up and so inquisitive...and definetely well accessorized. (Mom made this hat!! Too fun!!) She was NOT loving the look at first (had to include this pic...)...
...but was back to smiles in a jiff...

(I love her little expression in this one for some reason)...

Her two older brothers came for some pics as well...but it was early on a Saturday AM, and their Dad was home from the box, and they were definetely just needing to be outside being boys... we moved it outside for a bit! (nothing like some room to run when you're a kiddo!)

I've got three adorable babies that I did a session with on Monday, and then a Change of Command Ceremony from Tuesday that I'll be starting to proof as soon as I finish designing a book from an enagement session...we had to get to San Diego again today, so I'm a bit behind on getting to everything, but hope to be able to play catch-up this weekend- as well as get some homework done for my class!! (let's just say I stocked up on coffee to get me through the next couple days!) I have another session Friday evening, so bear with me as I get caught up...I might be a little delayed in getting posts up, but they'll be coming! (I've got some more OpLove Sessions in the next few weeks, too...can't wait!!!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

OpLove Session - Tehachapi, CA

Dear "M,"

It was an honor and privilage to meet you and your beautiful family. I cannot begin to image the rush of emotions going through you this weekend as you soak up every last hug and kiss you possibly can...but it was a joy to watch you with your daughter, and I hope having these memories will help make the months ahead just that much easier...

...I know when my husband was gone, it was all the little "everyday" moments with him that I missed the most. When Liz and I stumbled upon this apple orchard, we immediately thought this would be the perfect location- beautiful, quite, and perfectly "American." I didn't want anything "posed" for you...I wanted you to have those honest little moments with "S" to keep close to your heart. I hope you love them....

...your daughter is so beautiful. There's no doubt she's your world and light...

And while a photograph cannot tickle like a butterfly kiss, or hold your hand, it can certainly warm your heart...

I admire your strength, "M." I hope these months go by quickly for you, and that'll you'll keep in touch. The words "thank you" are not enough to say to any soldier, ever...but seriously, thank you. I look forward to hearing you're home safe & sound.
These are just a sneek peak for you... I'll have your gallery online shorty!

(just two little memories of how cute her little hands and feet are - and how those feet are just not wanting to stand still! hehehe)

OpLove disclaimer: "The photos and other content of this publication do not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense."

A little more tease....

**I did that fabulous budiour session a couple weeks ago, and created a great 5x7 book of the images for this hot mamma to give her lucky hubby for his Birthday. (LOVE the leg shot we used on the cover...a perfect little teaser to start the book!!) I promised I wouldn't post anything on here until after he got the book so that the surprise wouldn't be spoiled...well, his big day is tomorrow and she was taking him out to dinner last night so I can finally give you all a little taste as well. She is just plain gorgeous, and I'm sure her hubby is still drooling this morning...but these are especially for him, so I'll just give you just a little peek from the session...
**Hopefully her hubby never suspected a thing...I know he was kinda wondering why a babysitter was coming over early one AM! This was a great session, so Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy your little surprise!!
**For some of you gals thinking about doing a little budiour... go for it! It's a fun way to feel sexy and confident - whether it's a gift for that special someone, or a way to celebrate your recent accomplishments in the gym. These sessions are available in my studio, in your own home, or even out on location somewhere!
**On another train of thought, I traveled to Tehachapi on Friday to do an OpLove session with a gorgeous soldier from Ft. Carson who's about to deploy. I also had another session yesterday morning here on post - but my allergies kicked into full effect and my eyes were watering so much yesterday that I couldn't start proofing those yet ... boo! I got some drops, so I'll be starting those this afternoon . Hate to make ya wait on the sneak peeks, but they'll be up soon!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Giggles!

This gorgeous gal has such a good laugh...and she was doing plenty of it last night! I had so much fun with her and her Mom (and...yeah- when you go shopping next, I'm taggin' along....such cute shoes & clothes!!!). We did a mixed studio and outdoor shoot...and miss giggles was just a blast to work with. (thanks for teaching me the "Hot Dog Song," by the way!) Sooo many gorgeous smiles and silly faces...I love it!
Thanks for a fun evening, you two! I didn't get to really start proofing today like I'd hoped, but I promise as soon as we get back from San Diego this weekend I'll dive right in and get these online for you to enjoy! I really appreciate your understanding, and hope you enjoy the little "taste" ... there's so much more to come!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tiefort Coyote Collage

(photo courtesy of Tiffany Johnson - OCSC Historian)
A few weeks ago, Ft Irwin officially welcomed Mrs Abrams to our "family" out here in the Mojave. I was beyond thrilled when I was asked to create her welcome gift on behalf of the OCSC. I started creating these collages as farewell gifts for coffee groups here on post, and am honored that they've become so well loved! For Mrs. Abrams I wrote a new phrasing; It read:
Warm desert tones for the raw beauty of the Mojave.
Vibrant green in honor of the spring blooms at sunrise; this is your "spring" at Irwin.
The swirling sky represents not only the strong desert winds, but also the winds of change in a military family's life.
Rugged yet beautiful Tiefort recalls your journey here; your journey ahead.
Two coyotes signify the strength of friendships to be formed.
Bold, beautiful patterns in honor of the inner strength and beauty an Army Wife possesses.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

{more} Desert Diva

I just couldn't resist posting a few more from the Rainbow Basin session a couple weeks ago... this Desert Diva series just makes me smile! (aren't those boots just the coolest?!!) I added a bit of "edge" to the one image...that's going up as a big print in her room- fun!! And I just laugh everytime I see the one of her just "lost" in that huge dress while she's picking up rocks...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Fort rock! And you know what else stuff! Soooo....without further ado, here are the three winners from today:

Silky lucky duck, you won the FREE SESSION! All you've got to do is show up, be you, and you're off the hook for the session fee! (your $25 deposit will be credited towards your print order)

Heidi Pingleton & Wendy guys both won some free prints for your upcoming sessions!

These three gals ... along with seven others! ... all booked their sessions today at the Ft. Irwin Resource Expo, so they were put into the drawing for the free goodies. I had a great time today seeing some familiar faces and meeting lots of new people...thanks so much for stopping by to see me! I can't wait to work with all of you...and on a personal note, I really appreciate all the well-wishes for my hubby. I'm also really pumped to now have FIVE upcoming OpLove sessions!! I'm so glad to be able to bring OpLove to Ft. Irwin...our soldiers overseas certainly deserve those smiles that'll be coming their way.

There's a lot happening this fall for me, so don't delay on calling me to book your session... especially if you're wanting any prints in time for the holidays. (don't forget to check out the calendar section of my website)

I'm back off to San Diego, and then I'll be hitting the ground running again when we get back. Have a great weekend, and thanks again for stopping by to see me today!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FREE STUFF for upcoming sessions

Hope you'll come find me tomorrow, Aug. 5th, at the Resource Expo here on post. (10-2) If you book a session tomorrow (including the $25 session deposit to reserve your date) you'll be entered to win that session for FREE! (I'll announce the winner on my Facebook page tomorrow night)

I've got a cool new mounting option for your prints - the float mount - and my latest portfolio book for you to enjoy as well. (This one features some favs from children sessions this summer)

I'm so bummed that this awesome gallery wrap I just did didn't get here today like it was supposed to... It features that gorgeous bella baby from the "cherries" series of pics. Her Mom sings the best little songs to her kiddos, so we took the lyrics to one of them and I have them going around the sides...sooooo cool. Murphy's'll come I'll have to get a pic of it to post...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 peeking!

Oooooo....such a tease....

Did a gorgeous boudoir shoot as a surprise birthday gift for a lucky hubby on post...but these are for his eyes only!! Very tasteful... very flirty... very cool... he's gonna drool...

Monday, August 3, 2009

{Little} Miss America

OK, is she not just utterly scrumptous?!
(I know Mom's been anxiously awaiting this sneek peek all day I'll keep this short and sweet so that she doesn't have to wait a second longer!) I spent yesterday evening with Miss Maddie to get some One Year pics...good gracious, she has a gorgeous head of hair! In one series she's wearing a dress that all the granddaughters in the family have worn, (I love, love, love where's there family history like that!), and I swear she looked just like an "American Girl" doll...
I've got to finish proofing her session as well as today's before we head back to San Diego; I'm sure I'll post more from her session later on :-)

Tarantula Team's Family Jump Day

Whew- so I'm not sure who's a bit nuttier...the Tarantula Team for jumping out of helicopters every month and enjoying it, or the families for waking up so early to "chill out" in the desert and watch?! But it is totally cool to see, and I'll admit I felt the "Hooah" being out there to watch! (AND I even got my first humvee ride and some pretty cool "front row seating" out at the DZ!)
It was really fun to watch the guys in action ... especially one particularly cute Tarantula. (wink, hubby!) The morning definetly turned into an unfortgettable one ... and let me tell you, the team is "on it!" when it comes to training and being ready for anything, that's for sure!
I put together a little slideshow of some of the morning out can enjoy it on my website!