Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sending Hugs to their Soldier {OpLove Photography}

Monday evening I met up with Miss K and her Mommy; it was a beautiful, breezy evening - just perfect for collecting pine cones,  making silly faces, and capturing some smiles and long-distance hugs to send to their Soldier overseas in Afghanistan... 

Miss K's "Daddy Doll" {a stuffed doll with a photo of her Daddy's smiling face in it - a deployment gift a majority of FRGs hand out to families to help little ones cope with missing their Mom or Dad} is obviously well-loved. In the portrait above, I swear her Daddy could probably feel that hug she was giving him! {Oh! tug on the heart strings!!} 

I know her Daddy is going to love having an album of his two beautiful girls, laughing and smiling together, arrive in the mail...and I know they certainly can't wait to welcome him back home...

OpLove Disclaimer:
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