Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jeramiah's Three! {Studio & Ft. Irwin session}

{errrggg....I have a few other sneak peeks images for this session and blog's image uploader isn't cooperating with me today! boo! So I'll keep trying and get some more peeks up on this when it decides it wants to cooperate again!}
So Sunday evening I met up with this cute little Birthday Boy and his family. Like all 3 year old boys should be, he was full of energy! We got some studio shots, including some with his equally-adorable younger brother {thank goodness for the drawer full of lollipops!!} before heading out to get a few shots of the whole family with Tiefort as the setting. We took a nice "break" and let the boys be boys and play with Mom & Dad while I snapped away for some relaxed family moments...
Thanks for a fun session! I'll get a few more pics up here when the image uploader is behaving...and your gallery will be up shortly, too!

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