Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friday Night Light

With the insane wildfires (even being as far away from post as they are) come some amazing sunsets over the Mojave...and knowing first-hand what it's like for your family to loose everything in a fire, I certainly don't like thinking about the cause of such gorgeous night skies;
but I still can't help but to gawk at their beauty! Mother nature can have a twisted little mind when she wants...

{eerrrggg....blogger won't let me increase the size of my images for some reason! image this BIG!!!}

HAD to take advantage of that dramatic backdrop at the end of Friday evening's session with some silhouettes...

They're such a cute flirty with each other!
They have two FUN Great Danes, so earlier in the evening we were getting shots of the whole family. His parents were in from out-of-town, and Mom came along to help watch the dogs while we did some shots without them...and I gotta say, I wish I had her for all my shoots! She was carrying my bag and being an awesome "assistant" for the night! Thanks again!!

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