Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me n' my Battle Buddies

Every military spouse knows the deal: you PCS to a new post, meet amazing new people, form beautiful friendships, and then before you know it it's time to repeat the process. Sometimes you get each other through deployments, sometimes it's through growing pains in a marriage...sometimes it's finding humor and sanity in being stuck out in the middle of the Mojave desert. Sometimes life throws at you a really crappy series of unfortunete events ... but always- ALWAYS- you know that those friends you've made are there for you. They're your home away from home, your strength, your laughter & tears, the reason that you know that -no matter what - it's all gonna be OK.

I've mentioned before my two great friends, Sandy & Liz...both of whom my hubby & I couldn't have survived the horrors of last year without. We could honestly try for the rest of our lives to find ways to thank them for all they did for us, and I don't think we'd ever find a way great enough. So, needless to say, these two have been my "battle buddies" for the past two years. This week  Liz gets to start an exciting new chapter in her life. She and her cute little pregnant belly got to "kiss the coyote" goodbye...leaving Sandy & I feeling the blues. But before she left I passed the camera to my awesome hubby and had him snap a few silly pics "photobooth" style for us. so...had to share :-)

And speaking of winds of change....yesterday I got the call from the hubby that we'll soon be blowing outta here as well! Very soon, actually! As an Army wife, "Bloom where you are planted" and "Home is where the Army sends you" are two quotes you kinda gotta just live by. Mike and I are excited to be heading back east to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I've got a lot of blooming to do!! So please stay tuned as I figure everything out...this is gonna be fun!


  1. where are you finding all these adorable frames.. Beautiful!

  2. We'll see you at Bragg, Missie! :) It will be great to have familiar faces around. -Elizabeth Rams.

  3. AHHH first Liz now you. What will I ever do:(