Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Strahls {They wear their sunglasses at night!}

Despite sitting on a cactus {ouch! sneaky little bugger was hiding between two rocks...not cool! guess it's just an occupational hazard out here in the Mojave! hehehe} I had fun out at Camp Millenium and Bicycle Lake with the fabulous Strahl family on Friday evening! We got some family cuddle time in as well as some time with each of the kiddos to get some solo time with Mom and Dad...

Love this one of Lauren and Courtney ... how cool to be sisters!....

Their time at Irwin is coming to a what better way to celebrate than Tiefort at Sunset?

{LOVE this one} Only the coolest can wear their sunglasses at night, and this family definetely fits the bill!

{Love the colors}

Gonna miss seeing your smiling faces around post! So glad I got to capture some Fort Irwin moments for you...enjoy your SUMMER and your new adventures ahead!

More "J"-Love

Playing around a bit with some overlays since the hubby's at work and it's kinda a quite Saturday night :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jordan {red, white, and adorable}

Meet sweet little Jordan ... just two months old, and just oh-so-perfect!
This sweet little guy was such a "dream" to photograph...I could've just cooed and gushed over him all day. This session was perfect timing all around...I was in need of a "baby fix," had some cute new knitted hats I'd been dying to use {that striped one is one of 'em}, and with Memorial Day being Monday getting some patriotic shots in honor of his brave Daddy couldn't have been more appropriate. {ah! how cute are those baby shoes?!!!}

Thank you so much for letting me gush over your little man all morning, Amy! And Congratulations again to you and your hubby on your sweet little Jordan. I certainly can't wait to work with you again!! I heop you enjoy your sneek peek...I'll have your gallery up soon for you to enjoy the rest!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miss Clare

I love playing around, and there's just something about this portrait of Miss Clare that I really like; I added this little balloon for fun in her gallery and just thought I'd share it here as well...
my hubby isn't a fan of it {I bought a series of these little overlays of angel wings, etc, to play around with and was showing him} - he thinks it's "too cartoon-y" ... but I don't know, it kinda makes me smile....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Devin {Respect}

Wow...I've really just been having so much fun this year - and after the craziness of life over the past year, it is amazing to be able to say that :-) Sunday evening was just another example of how lucky I am; since starting my studio I've been able to meet and work with so many wonderful people...and I've really valued getting to know everyone. This Silver Valley Senior was certainly no exception. {In fact, he had my respect before I even met him after a conversation with his Mom when we were booking the session. Totally got me teary-eyed!}

I had to post some of the Baseball portraits in honor of Devin's team being in the big Tournament right now; Go Trojans! And of course the "Respect" and "Dignity" murals over by the skatepark were a truly fitting backdrop for such a great young man. {Oh my goodness...have my High School days been that long ago that I really just typed "what a great young man?!" ACK! no!!!}

Devin- thanks for being such a good sport! I really enjoyed getting to know you and hearing about your Senior Year! Your gallery is soon to follow....still trying to narrow it down! {Mom-I love the smile I captured when he was telling me about his favorite moment from the football season this year...the big tackle! I know you'll love it, too!}...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Clare & Joey

I got to spend Monday morning playing with Clare and Joey...

We first headed out to capture some of the Ft Irwin landscape in bloom before high-tailing it out to the dried lakebed. {the yellow flowers have been beautiful this year...this is the most I've seen the desert bloom since I've been here. Yeah for color!}. Then we hit the studio for a few final shots....

Miss Clare is super sweet and very matter-of-fact...and her equally adorable & sweet brother, Joey, is definetly every bit of the age "two!" when it comes to energy :-) I love it!!!

Thanks for a fun morning!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hangin' Out with the Hildebrands

Ever notice how you have friends that you "go to" for different things? There's the shoe-shopping buddy, the deep conversation gal, the I-need-a-laugh-er...well, to me this family is like the best friend that you can just sit back, relax, and be your 100% self around. I just love how laid-back they all were...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation Day...

Graduation Day!! What an exciting much to look forward to, and so much to think back on and cherish...your family is there to support you, your friends are there to help you celebrate...{just leaves me wondering who on earth decided that a polyester gown and funny hat would be the best way to honor the occassion?!}

Saturday morning was warm and sunny....perfect for a gradution day :-) Even better because I got to spend it with one of my favorite families- The Davis'! Believe it or not...they were my very first family portrait session here at Irwin, and this was the third {"1, 2....3"-that's for you, Will!} time I got to work with them.

In addition to some family portraits we did individual shots of Will with I gave them each paper and asked them to write either their wish for Will as he graduates, or to share some words of advice on life. I loved seeing what everyone what was Zach's wish for his brother as he heads off to Texas A&M?.....

Congratulations, Will! Texas A&M is lucky to be getting you as one of their Cadets.....I know you'll do amazing things....

Joint Forces: Two Photographers, One Goal:Celebrating our American Heroes

OK! Something a little different for me :-) I really love my relaxed portrait's so important to me to feel like I have the chance to really get to know the families and couples I'm working with, and I love being able to do clothing and location changes as well. I don't want my studio to stray from the "boutique" feel...but it's always fun to collaborate and do new things, and I know that sometimes schedules don't allow for a longer portrait session for some I'm excited to be offering my first day of mini-sessions!

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 I'll be pairing up with a fellow Ft Irwin area photographer,Rowan Rakers {of Pixelbug Memories Photography} We've rented out the Sandy Basin Community Center so that we can celebrate our American Heroes and Families here on post!

We will be photographing seperately - each offering 7 sessions. I am booking and photographing appointments for 30-min sessions that start on the hour, Rowan will be booking & photographing the sessions starting on the half-hour.

Call to reserve your time today! I look forward to working with you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hansen {the entertainer}

Oh, yummy goodness!! The complimentary colors {blue & orange happen to be my favorite combo}, the texture, the cool necklace, the great smiles....the adorable little entertainer...what a great package deal I got to play with Friday evening when I got to link up with the Karlberg family!

Hansen is such a little cutie...could this be a young Matthew McConaughey-in-the-making with the Bongos and hat? {He had his little red guitar with him, too} I got such a kick out of him!! Surely dull moments are not something that happen in this family :-) So fun!!

And the winner is....

Richard Wahl !!
Congratulations! You are the winner of the Free Portrait Session Drawing! I look forward to meeting you and your family soon. In addition to your free portrait session, a donation will be made to the American Cancer Society in your honor. THANK YOU for coming out to support the Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive this past week. Your simple act of kindness may just save someone's life...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Simply Wonderful...

All this week the DoD Bone Marrow Registration Drive has been here at Ft Irwin in honor of Army wife Jennifer Murphy. Michelle Murphy, Jennifer's sister-in-law, did an absolutly amazing job of coordinating the event... and as of 10 AM today, there have been over 2400 "Irwiners" who have taken the time to come out register! WOW! The drive continues today at the PX and Commissary until 6 PM...if you haven't done a swab yet, please consider coming out and registering. As the sign in the parking lot says, "what if the only person  who could save someone's life...was YOU?!"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Millers {Sweet little moments}

What IS it about lollipops that just make them so smile-enducing? {I admit...I'm lovin' a green apple BlowPop right this minute!} Tommy & Maddie were taking a little lollipop break during their family photo session on Sunday night, and I thought this little series was cute :-)

Love these sweet little family moments...

Monday, May 3, 2010

The McClellands {ladybug, ladybug, fly away home!}

Saturday night I met up with this sweet family

Their backyard is a favorite spot of theirs...lots of great family memories for them there! naturally that was a great place to start off their session before heading to two other locations. Another family apparently also loves that spot, and decided to join us. Ladybugs! But while little Owen was intrigued, poor miss Norah was more like freaked out {Dad to the rescue!} Luckily, a little lollipop always goes a long way in bringing back smiles :-)

I really enjoyed getting to know this beautiful family. Thanks for a fun evening! Hope you enjoy this little peek...your gallery is soon to follow!

Tiefort Coyote {Ft Irwin Farewells}

"Warm desert colors for the raw beauty of the Mojave
Tiefort at sunset to signify the closing of your time here at Irwin
The swirling skies represent not only the strong desert winds,
but also the winds of change in a military family's life.
Two coyotes to remind you of the strength of friendships formed
Bold, beautiful patterns in honor of the inner strength and beauty
an Army Wife possesses."
Fort Irwin, California

Putting the camera down for a  moment to share these with you....I've been making these coyote collages for two different units' wives farewell gifts;The original design was actually commissioned as a gift for General Pittard's wife, Lucille, and a slightly different version was used as the welcome gift for General Abram's wife, Connie! Each collage is unique in its colors and patterns; they can be earthtoned, or I can customize a color pallete for you. {please allow 3 weeks when ordering as the papers are special ordered. $25}