Saturday, September 12, 2009

muy bonita!

Oh those baby blues!! This little shot cracks me up....I was just getting the lighting all set, and she was just fascinated by the camera. She did the cute little head tilt checking out what I was up to...I just love how inquisitive this age is. Everything's such a cool discovery!
Her "Lita" was here visiting and came along for the shoot...she was singing to her the whole time; soooo sweet!! {Grandmas just rock, don't they?!} That's one of my favorite parts about sessions-getting to know the families...

such a happy little gal! Love the giggle! We also got some fabulous shots of her in her Christening gown and bonnet...the white-on-white with her blue eyes is so pretty! I gotta thank Mom for being so patient in waiting for her sneek peek....we did this session on Tuesday morning, but I was in San Diego on Wednesday and busy all day yesterday with the Super Sign Up....I just finished last weekend's galleries, and tomorrow I'm shooting a wedding. {six more sessions in the next 12 days after the wedding, too...whew! FUN!! Don't know when I'm gonna get my homework done, though, hehe) I'm hoping to finish proofing your gallery by Monday so you can enjoy the rest of them! Thanks again for such a fun session...and enjoy the rest of your trip!!

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