Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, those hugs & kisses {OpLove Photography}

OpLove Disclaimer: "The photos and other content of this publication do not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense." 
I have been in a particularly "huggy" mood this weekend, and today's OpLove Session sneak peek definetly demonstrates that. But when a young Soldier & Dad is heading off to far away lands, is there really anything more cherished than those hugs?

This family hugs their Soldier one more time tomorrow before blowing kisses goodbye and starting their countdown until those amazing & long-awaited hugs hello can come..

Safe travels; may the months speed bye and those hugs come quickly! xoxo 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Brittany & Christopher {Engagement}

Brittany & Christopher are one of the absolute sweetest couples I've ever had the pleasure of photographing...and it didn't hurt that they were also completely relaxed in front of the camera, too. In fact, I think it's safe to say they were the first couple who really did fully go with the "pretend I'm not here, and there isn't a huge camera lens focued on you" direction right from the start. In fact, sometimes I think I continued talking just to make sure I still knew I was there. It was fabulous...kinda a "homerun" session for me. pardon the pun.

 So both of these two lovebirds are in the Military...something I highly respect and fact, Christopher had just flew in from Fort Drum in time for our session together, and Brittany deploys soon. {I always secretly wished I was cool enough to be a Soldier; in fact if I could pick any superpowers to have for myself there would be two:  the ability to purr (I think it would be super cool to purr like a cat-then when my hubby hugged me he'd truly know how happy I am to be in his arms) and the bravery to be a soldier. Getting off topic here, sorry!} They also share a huge love of baseball. In fact, they got engaged at a baseball game and their wedding is a vintage baseball cool! {their "guest book" is actually a jersey for everyone to sign.}

So in honor of their love {of baseball AND each other} we headed out to J.P. Riddle Stadium, which is home of the Fayetteville Swampdogs. {many, many thanks to Jeremy there who gave us free run of the stadium. I had a blast photographing there!}
 Peanuts & Crackerjack? Yum. Add a gorgeous engagement ring? Even Yummier.
{not to take away any coolness from the little prizes, but I'd say finding the love of your life trumps getting a pencil topper anyday. sorry, Crackerjacks.}
After these fun series of photographs we  headed downtown to Arsenal Park & The Transportation Museum...I think it's safe to say this session will be the next one up on my "featured session" section of my website; there's just too many adorable ones not to share them all. But Brittany & Christopher get first peek!

Brittany & Christopher - I really enjoyed working with you, and am so glad you picked me to capture these memories for you. I look forward to hearing that you're home safe & sound, Brittany, and I hope the next few months fly by for you both. I cannot wait for you to see your whole guys are the best! XOXO

Friday, February 10, 2012

Operation:Love Reunited Policy Updates {OpLove}

As many of you are aware, for the past three years I have been honored to be a part of Operation:Love Reunited {OpLove}. OpLove is a nation-wide network of professional photographers who offer free sessions and albums to deployed soldiers and their immediate family members. Recently OpLove has updated the guidelines, and I feel it is important to share these new policies and regulations with you.

My personal policy for OpLove session availability per month is still in effect. Beginning in April my space for these free sessions will be limited to ONE family per month. I am currently booked for OpLove sessions until May. As a reminder for those families wishing to capture those special moments together before facing their next deployment, I do offer all Active Duty Military and their spouses a special session rate, and I do have session availabilities for each month.

The following is from the e-mail I received this morning. If you are interested in taking advantage of Operation:Love Reunited please read these guidelines carefully to be sure you qualify. You can also go to . Please don't hesitate to contact either OpLove or myself if you have any questions.

"1) We have re-defined areas to be covered as deployments. These new guidelines were hopefully posted in your area’s FB page. Either deployment orders or a letter of deployment from the command is REQUIRED! Here are the areas covered:
Combat zones are designated by an Executive Order from the President as areas in which the U.S. Armed Forces are engaging or have engaged in combat. There are currently three such combat zones (including the airspace above each):
a) Arabian Peninsula Areas - the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Gulf of Oman, the part of the Arabian Sea north of 10° North latitude and west of 68° East longitude, the Gulf of Aden, and the countries of Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
b) Kosovo area - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), Albania, the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea north of the 39th Parallel.
c) Afghanistan
d) In addition, we will also allow three parts of the former Yugoslavia to be treated as if it were a combat zone and therefore covered: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Macedonia...."

The "G" Family {Fayetteville Family Photography}

Sweet Mr "A" stole my heart this summer when I had the opportunity to photograph he & his Mommy for an OpLove session. I remember opening the door to the car to help get him out; he turned, wrinkled up his itty bitty forehead, and gave me hands-down the most adorable pouty face I have ever seen. To this day I don't know what it was about that pout, but I've never seen a cuter just melted my heart...

In fact, a couple months later I actually met up with A and his Mom for dinner, and even after he peed on me I still couldn't help but this "oh this is just the cutest little guy ever!" {Let me clarify...not because he peed on me, but because the "power" of his little pout just still hadn't worn off! hehe}

Well it goes without saying that I could not have been more excited to get to see him again. He is now the Big "1"... and even better, his Daddy is home safe & sound from Iraq! Woo-hoo!

We met up last Friday for a family session, and got to enjoy some of this year's mild winter weather. {thank goodness, because I am a WIMP in the cold} We hit downtown Fayetteville before heading over to Arsenal Park, where we got to capture some great shots of the family playing together under a tree. Love those! Which brings me to a reminder....

...I love sharing peeks into each session here on my blog and featuring sessions on my website, however I completely respect each of my clients' wishes and privacy and will never post anything they are not comfortable with. If a family lets me know that they are not comfortable with their full names and/or images being shared on the internet than I completely respect that. For this family, Dad requested for me to please not use names, and to not use any images where he is shown. That is his right, and I completely respect it...

'till later! XOXO Missie