Friday, September 25, 2009

OpLove Session {Ft. Irwin, CA} Dad's Beauties

Wednesday night I met up with these three beauties {and their fun dog, Daisy!} for some surprise OpLove photos to send downrange to their favorite Soldier...

{hehehe...a little worm decided to join in the fun! See it on her little finger?}
This little one was so shy in front of the camera. I snagged this little moment when she thought
I wasn't noticing! {what's the line the butler says in the one Adam Sandler movie when he inherits a ton of money? "you underestimate my sneakiness!" }

I had to hold back some tears when I got this one- she was hardly saying a peep the whole session, but when we put her Dad's dog tag's on her, she was rubbing them and kept saying quietly, "Daddy..." oooohhhh!!!!!

Big sis was definetly not shy in front of the camera, so I didn't have to be quite as sneaky with her. I love the shots of her we got wearing her Dad's cover...but we don't want him to see all the surprises on the blog, do we?!

...and of course there's some beautiful shots of Mom!!
Thanks, gals, for a fun evening! I'm gonna wrap up the wedding photos, and then I'll get started on your gallery so we can get these pics out to your hero! I hope he enjoys this little tease!

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