Sunday, July 26, 2009


There are moments in life that take your breath away, and then there are moments that just plain cause you to stop breathing. When you feel like getting hit by a speeding train would be a lot less painful...when there aren't enough tears to make it feel better...when having someone to hug is about the only thing that matters. It was like that this week {sigh}.

It's taken me a week to be able to write these words. Somehow, as painful as it is to say them to my parents and close friends, writing them just seems to be so much harder - so permanent, so in your face, so unable to be erased. But maybe that's what I just write it, get it out, breath again, and move on...

The cancer is still there. And now there's areas in my hubby's chest that are concerning the Drs. as well. So, we're holding our breath until Thursday when we can sit down with them and plan the new battle. To say I feel blindsided is a gross understatement - I really felt in my heart that everything was great, and that the results from the CT scan were going to be that the chemo was a 100% success and we could have our lives back.

But Mike's a fighter. He's proven that more times than anyone should ever have to...and he'll prove it again. And I'll put on my war paint and go back to battle with him. I refuse to let the huge wave of dissapointment crush us. Refuse. Mike and I both have stubborn sides (ask our parents), and in this case it's a good thing.

We've got amazing friends and family, two goofy pets that keep us laughing, careers that we love, and most importantly each other. So we're set.

And since it's friends and family that are in this battle with us, (and since I can't stand to not end on a positive note), here's a photo from back in April. My brother, niece, and sis (in-law) came out to see us. We were hanging out in Coronado...I just love Dayna's laugh in this. Both she and Julianna were being entertained by my hubby. He's just that guy that always makes people smile.


  1. Oh wow, Missie. Thanks for sharing. We'll always keep the prayers coming.