Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Stewie" {the stables at Ft Irwin}

Meet Stewie! This little guy hangs out with the sheep out at the stables here...he was bottlefed, so the other goats haven't "accepted" him {who knew - even goats have clicks!}. But he's a pretty friendly little guy, and when you head out to the stables on Ft. Irwin they'll actually let him out so you can feed him & give him some love....

Stewie and the other animals {there's donkeys, sheep, horses, and goats} are used by the Army out in "the box" to add even more realism to the training areas in simulating the environnments in Iraq & Afghanistan. The Calvary takes the horses out for rodeos and other special events...I'm definetly gonna head out there one AM to catch 'em training/rehearsing.

LeRoy was the soldier who was showing us around on Tuesday morning...super nice guy, and good with kids. He was telling us they could use some more funding - so if you get a chance, head out there and take a look around. Stop by the commissary and pick up some carrots to bring to feed the animals...and help get the word out that the stables are here for families to enjoy. The more people that head out there, the more funding they'll be able to get! It's such a nice spot, and would be a great way to spend a few hours doing something fun {and free} with your kids without having to drive an hour...

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