Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eric & Adrienne

OK's a sneak peek!

What a beautiful day you had! Sooooo many beautiful moments, and it was an honor to be able to capture them for you. This slideshow is just a few quick glances back on your weekend, starting with the rehearsal, for you to enjoy. Congratulations again - you've got a beautiful story that's just beginning....



Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Big Weekend is Here!!!

Kinda weird to be posting something without any pics to go along with it....but there'll be plenty of pics to come! The big weekend is finally time!!! Yeah!!! The big event is Saturday, but I'll be going to the rehearsal tomorrow to see what the flow of the ceremony will be and meet all the family and get a sneak peek at the decorations and all the fun stuff. I've met with the Bride & Groom a few times now, they're super sweet so I'm honored to be capturing their special day for them. It's an evening wedding, but I'll be spending the day with them capturing all the pre-wedding moments....can't wait! This Bride has nerves of steel...she's doing the hair of not only the bridesmaids, but also her own....I give her a TON of credit!! I couldn't even paint my own toenails on my big day I was so shaky! (I have to clarify - I wasn't getting cold feet...I was just too excited .... and working on noooooooo sleep since all the groomsmen kept us gals up all night doing practical jokes......) So anyway....more to come on the big weekend....have a great one! Smiles!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carla & Bowe

Talk about getting lost in each other's eyes! This gorgeous couple just had the sweetest and most sincere "google-y eyes" for one another...I love it! They're big day is coming up in June - they're tying the knot in Vegas at a gorgeous mansion, and then heading off on an awesome honeymoon. (ya know...I do travel....hint hint...I pack pretty light- as long as I have my camera and about 80 pairs of shoes I'm'll never know I'm there....OK, OK...I'll settle for a postcard and some hints on what to do when Mike and I get there next year...) They met here on post, so we did several different locations around Irwin. Their first date was to the wineries in Temecula, so we tied that theme into some of the pics as well. I really enjoyed getting to know you both. Can't wait to meet the new puppy and see the wedding & honeymoon pics. Congratulations!! And as a little gift for your big day, you get a free 8x10 of your choice to use in the mat & frame you have for everyone to sign :-)

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star..."

Really enjoyed this session last weekend before heading off to San Diego. We did a bunch of different things; family portraits, Mom's maternity portraits (got some more cute "baby blocks" pics), and some of the soon-to-be big sis. (Who sang a fantastic rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle..." for me, by the way...) Such a sweet family, and Mom is just radiant. They're expecting another little girl soon....and are moving to Canada. So many exciting changes ahead - I wish you all the happiness in your new journey, and you'd better send pics of baby "C" when she arrives!

Friday, May 1, 2009

" Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree... "

What fun! We did a little WWII Pin-up style shoot this evening as a Birthday present for this beauty's hubby. We're also gonna create a calendar with these - he's heading overseas, and what better way for him to be able to remember his sweetheart than that? We did some studio shots, and then hit the old tanks and trucks out on post. (I have to admit that I have the worst time thinking of titles for my posts.... I was listening to the 40's music channel this afternoon while I was prepping for the session, and now I have an Andrews Sisters song, and a bunch of other oldies, on replay in my head. Catchy little tunes! That's part of the song as the title...)