Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Brady Family

I just simply adored photographing this family!

I haven't done a "family feet" portrait in a while...and I think these are always cute to put on the back side of a Holiday card or back cover of an album. Simple and fun

This is the second time in a couple of weeks a family has chosen lavendars & greys for their wardrobe, and I just love the combination. It's so soft & pleasing, flatters skin tones, and photographs beautifully. Thanks to my awesome families I now know what color palette I'll be going with for my own family portraits.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Lynch Family

Saturday was such a treat - gorgeous crisp fall weather, the trees at peak color, and two fantastic sessions to enjoy...
 The morning began with the fantastic Lynch family, who are honestly just plain cool. Getting to hang out with them at their home felt kinda like when you're in middle school & get invited to your first party that boys will be at...I really was hoping I wouldn't snort when I laughed, or say anything silly. (I'm pretty sure I didn't snort...) We used their gorgeous home and backyard  as the backdrop for the session...and I absolutly love that they were just as relaxed in tuxedos and a gown as they were in jeans later on in the session... 

{I also loved that they had the music pumping in their home! Mark happens to be the President of Quality Sound and Video so I was spoiled getting to enjoy their system while I was there...we'll just say that my little i-Pod speaker thingy doesn't quite sound the same...}

Vinny is very entertaining...he reminds me a lot of my hubby's good friend Eliot,who was the best man at our wedding; he just exudes personality. He actually DJs, and I'm very excited to get out and photograph him in action sometime soon.

Thanks for such a fun morning, you guys! You've got a great gallery coming soon...hope you've enjoyed this little peek. It was a blast getting to know you guys & I look forward to seeing you soon!