Monday, June 29, 2009

Lookin' Schnazzy!

After a week "off," it was good to get back in action Friday morning! This fab family was all decked out and just looked fantastic (especially for 0730!!). They wanted some more formal family pics, but we also took the opportunity to get some shots of the three handsome men. (I found that cool chair this week in Barstow, and thought it would work well with the Dress Blues) At the end I took some shots of Mom & Dad, and I just love this look he's giving her in this last shot...aahhh, love!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Few Growing Pains

Just a few tidbits from the studio...

I've got a fresh new flash webpage!! I'll be able to feature slideshows & more images, and I think you'll find it a lot more user-friendly, too. It even has a calendar so you can see when I'm available for sessions...I love that...and I think you'll like my new song, too :-) This was my little pet-project for myself during this past week; and now that it's block leave I thought it was the perfect time to get it up and running before everyone got back from their vacations. Because of some crazy internet-domain name-stuff (that's beyond me) I've got my new site posted, but it'll take 24-48 hours before my old site will recognize the new unfortunetly that means for the time being my site is temporarily unavailable. Errrgggg....but it'll be worth it...
You can still access your client galleries - just go to and you'll be good to go until the new site is up and running.

And on the personal side...sooooo happy to write that my hubby is now 100% DONE with his chemo treatments!! This past week was our last time having to go through those...whew! We celebrated with a huge cake for all the nurses and other patients on his last day. Some amazing people at Balboa-Cora, Thomas & all the other nurses just plain rock, and meeting some of the other cancer fighters just is a life changing experience. So for now we're celebrating, but also holding our breaths until the end of July when we'll have his next CT scan...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy in Love

These two are too was nonstop flirting with each other the whole session! They had the cutest little glances and silly faces, & I l-o-v-e their two warm fuzzies, Tank & Nike. My crazy Quilla could learn a lot from Nike (so well behaved!!) and Tank is just that huge loveable puppy that you can't help but fall in love with. Thanks for a fun session, you guys! Give those two "kids" of yours a belly rub for me...

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Chilly in the desert ... in June..."whodathunkit"? Not me! (but of course I didn't believe anyone about the winds here, either...) So we stared out early this AM in the beautiful sunshine...and quickly added a jacket. Mmmmm....this AM breeze today reminded me of early summer nights back at the Jersey shore growing up -sooo craving some of my Mom's clam chowder right now....
(back to the point) I've got a brand new camera and some new lenses, and LOVED breaking them in with the Birthday Girl yesterday and this bubbly little one today. (She has her first loose tooth!! Had to put in the pic of her showing that off....) She started off a little shy - but as you can see, she quickly warmed up! Fun, fun!

Happy Birthday!!

Five years fun!! Mom took the Birthday Girl to get her nails done, and then we had a blast getting lots of pics to celebrate the special day. (Her special Birthday Bear got to join in the fun, too) They also brought her special birthday train - her Grandma sends her a new addition each year - and I know she'll love seeing the pics of her playing with the train. I'm so glad I got to help make your birthday so fun, miss H!! Happy Birthday!

Happy Trails...

Yikes! Am I behind on my blog or what?! This fun family has already viewed their gallery AND placed their say things have been hectic lately is an understatement! But the good news is that it means my hubby is now 75% done with chemo, and by the time block leave ends we'll be celebrating the 100% mark!! Whoo-hoo! But let me get back to this session... my little hoopty car isn't the offroad type, so they were awesome enough to let me hitch a ride so we could go out past the "painted rocks." What an appropriate setting - it's the view as you're driving away from post, and sadly we're saying goodbye to them this summer. (good thing the Army world is a small one) I've been having a blast teaching art lessons to both the kiddos, so it was a treat to do their family portraits as well. I know my crazy dog will miss seeing both of them when they come to class, and I'll certainly miss their silliness. Keep on creating, you two!