Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday {A fun little group posting}

Welcome back for another Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

The Awkward:

  • Realizing that after almost six years of marriage you still have the stickers on the majority of the gorgeous crystal glasses you registered for. {I think it's time to have a few people over for dinner & drinks!}
  • Dog farts {and the faces they cause you to make}.....gross! I don't know what Quilla got into....
  • Taking your car to the car wash, and getting completely tangled up in that huge industrial vacuum hose.
The Awesome:

  • Seeing my cat & dog snuggling together all the time will just never get old. I love that they're such good buddies!
  • Clinique Bonus Week...getting whatever cute new cosmetic bag they have always makes me happy. It's like a little makeover for my lipstick and mascara.
  • An exterior shot of the Extreme Makeover home being built was the cover photo for the Spartanburg Journal this week! How cool! I'm not an architectural photographer, so for that to be the type of image that becomes my first cover shot is something I'd never expected, but I certainly enjoyed it happening!
  • Being spoiled! Not one, but TWO bouquets of sunflowers were delivered to me this week; one from my wonderful Mother- and Father-in-Law, and yesterday one from my super sweet hubby. My living room looks so bright & cheery now!
Thanks so much for stopping by these week...don't forget to check out Heather & Erica's posts, too! XOXO

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