Friday, September 18, 2009

Belly Buttons & Billy Goats

Tuesday morning's session wound up having a cool little twist to it. I was honestly a bit nervous before the session since we weren't meeting up until 11:30...and out here in the Mojave that is just some crazy harsh light to do outdoor pics in!! But where there's a big tree there's some open thank goodness for the few of those here on post!!

This little guy had such cute expressions...I had a hard time picking one to post here! {Do I go with the laughs, the smiles, the smirks, the pout...??} He was so fun to talk to...

...and how sweet is this little moment? There's a series of shots leading up to this moment that are just so cute and honest. He was { I love this } pouting that I was taking a few pics of just his little sister for a moment, and so Mom was having a quite little talk with him, nose-to-nose. He's such a sweetie, so I could tell the pout wasn't going to last long...and sure enough it started turning into giggles. I just love, love, love capturing the little moments like that!!!

{oh belly buttons are just so fun when you're little!!} If this little cherub looks familiar to you, she was one of the little babies that did the little portfolio session with me a couple of weeks ago. I was so psyched when Mom called me to book a session for her two cuties after we met for that shoot!

So after the park I thought we'd try heading out to the stables here on post. I'd never been out there before, but had always heard about them and thought we'd grab a few quick shots there. Turns out there's actually a designated soldier there to greet you, introduce you to the animals, and answer any we wound up taking a whole tour! I had so much fun watching the little guy interact with the animals...{little sis just zonked out in Mom's arms and slept almost the entire time!}

He wasn't too sure of the goats at first, but wound up making a friend with "Stewie." His little sis woke up at the end while we were with the horses....she was definetly a bit weary, but so cute to watch. What a fun place to check out!


  1. Awwwww, you totally captured Avery in that first pic, these are great and I didnt know we could go to the stables for a tour. What time do they open? Jessica

  2. Wow, look at the kids... They are beautiful, Amber..