Friday, September 23, 2011

Jessica & Ryan {Five Star Entertainment}

This past Saturday I teamed up with Five Star Entertainment to photograph the wedding of Jessica & Ryan. I met Nina, Mark, & Ray from Five Star during the Extreme Makeover Home Edition build this summer; they are so much fun, and their DJ/Videography was part of The Knot's "best of weddings" for 2010. Awesome! So I was very excited when they asked me if I'd be interested in shooting some weddings for them...

Nina & I teamed up to photograph this super cute couldn't ask for a more easy-going and fun family to work with.  I was so bummed, though, to learn that the owner of this gorgeous location is not going to book any weddings for 2012! Gorgeousness aside, I was VERY glad I made the last-second decision to nix the heels and opt for the ballet flats once I saw the set of stairs the wedding procession was going to be walking down....

....these steps just screamed "missie moment!" If I had been in heels, I probably would have wound up as a YouTube sensation....

{I always love the moments right before the ceremony begins, when Dad's & Daughters share a few moments together. I'll always remember that moment with my Dad; he was suprisingly nervous.}

I'm personally always drawn more towards the casual, candid moments of weddings rather than the formal elements. Obviously weddings are one of the few times we're able to enjoy having so many of the people we hold dear to our hearts together in one place; and to me it's more natural to capture those connections through less formal posing. Don't get me wrong, I love and admire a lot of wedding photographers that follow a more traditional and formal element in their work, but my style is definitely a reflection of my personality and how close I am with my family. I try to capture the types of moments that are similar to the ones dearest in my heart. Jessica, Ryna, and their families definitely had a TON of super cute moments. I'd love to be at a Thanksgiving table with all of them - certainly lots of laughs and nothing but warm fuzzy feelings. These next couple of captures prove it:

{Ryan with his Sisters}

{LOVE these laughs! And so wish I could remember what Nina & I said to cause 'em. Whatever it was certainly worked....}

{Jessica & her parents}

OK, so this shot of the flowers doubles as my "Awkward & Awesome" post for the week...this beautiful piano was in this itty-bitty, teeny-tiny corner with all this gorgeous natural light, so obviously I HAD to use it. However, I'm sure it was pretty entertaining watching me trying to squeeze between the wall, window, piano edge, and stereo equipment to get to the keys. And heaven help the person who was outside the window that may have looked up at the wrong time to see my rear end squished against the window and I wedged myself in for the shot. Sorry! hehe

Jessica & Ryan - Congratulations!

& Nine & Crew at Five Star - I really enjoyed working with you and look forward to the next event!
One last share....this is the groom's sister with her new little one. She didn't know I took beautiful is this moment?!!

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