Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

Hello, Hello!

Whew! I am so glad this week is just about over; last week I had a lot of great sessions and everything was rolling along and then POW! Sick. Blehck! These past few days I have been wiped out...not fun, and definitely not good for productivity! But thankfully I think by tomorrow afternoon I should be all caught up - which is good because Saturday I'm shooting a wedding, and then Monday & Tuesday I'll be having a blast at a 2-day Budiour Photography workshop with the fantastic Kay Eskridge! Woo-hooo! {I met Kay at the Chicks Who Click Conference and just love her to pieces....getting to spend another two days with her is going to be so fun!! and I can't wait to finally launch my Budiour line!}

So with being sick all week I was a little panicky about what I was going to share with you this week for my Awkward & Awesome post; afterall I pretty much slept and downed least that prevented me from any shopping cart disasters or tucking my skirt into my underwear in public...but I'm meandering around the point, sorry. The point is, I got home from UNC today and my dilemma was solved! There in the pile of mail,  all the way from Iraq, were two letters from my hubby that provided me the perfect answers to both my awkward & awesome for this week. So, Thanks awesome hubby of mine for your perfect timing and hilarious really are always here when I need ya!

Without further ado....

The Awkward:

  • This is a "throw back" awkward from May, but I don't know HOW I forgot to tell you!!! hubby's letter (as shown below) reminded me of this completely awkward moment:
         The scene: St. Croix, a gorgeous tropical day. My hubby & I are fresh off the beach and wandering around some shops in search of "Cheney" - a type of jewelry the island is known for. It's basically pieces of old Dutch pottery that has washed ashore, so counterfeit pieces are everywhere.

        We came across this beautiful, obviously very high-end store with gorgeous pearls and other beautiful pieces of jewelry. Everything was very much out of our price range, but those are always the fun stores to go into so we did. {I cannot stress enough for the sake of this story how classy and high-end this store was}

        The gentleman behind the counter, as expected, was very polite and eager to know how he could help us. We explained that we were interested in any pieces of Cheney he might have. He began a very long and detailed lecture about cheney, and how easy it is to sell fakes, and how it's so VERY important to make sure you're dealing with a very respected and established jeweler so that you know the pieces you're buying are genuine....blah, blah, blah....

       Meanwhile, I'm trying my hardest to keep my jaw from hitting the counter and any awkward laughs to come out of my mouth...while I'm also trying to discreetly elbow my hubby to try to make sure he was seeing what I was seeing...

       There, in this classy jewerly store, while a well dressed and very articulate jeweler lectured us on his well- respected reputation and business, was the store's computer...angled just enough for anyone at the counter to see...with some SERIOUS hard core porn playing. AWKWARD!!! Neither of us could get out of the store fast enough to start laughing and making sure the other had seen what was going on...we were laughing too hard to have known what to say! {Later we came up with a million remarks we could have made to the gentleman...}

The Awesome:

  • The laugh I had opening the letter from my  hubby that included a stick-figure drawing of us in the store with this scene happening. {image below...} Thanks for that great memory today, baby! 
  • The other letter included one of our favorite things....Mad Libs! I keep a book of 'em by the computer so when we get to skype we get a laugh out of one or two....

Info on the Extreme Makeover:Home Edition images is coming soon...I'm meeting with a CPA this week to make sure I dot all the i's and cross all the t's in the right way for setting up a way for all the proceeds from the image sales to go to The Jubilee House. I appreciate everyone's patience as I make sure to get this right...and I can't wait to share all the images with you all!

Don't forget to check out Heather & Erica's Awkward & Awesome posts as well...and have a great weekend!

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