Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Harley & Her People {OpLove Photography}

{OpLove disclaimer}
 "The photos and other content of this publication do not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense." 

Say "hello" to Harley and her two favorite People. I was lucky enough to spend part of Sunday morning with the three of them down at Linear Park here in Fayetteville. Between the adorable little puppy head tilts & kisses from Harley and the sweet adoring glances at eachother from this fabulous couple, I just couldn't get enough...

These two are just sweet beyond words, and seeing how in love they are just has kept me smiling all weekend. I loved going through their images as I was creating their gallery; almost every shot included them just all doe-eyed towards one another, and just like this one above they all just radiated with warm gushy feelings. Them having an incredibly well-behaved and uber adorable puppy just almost made it unfair...I mean c'mon! Since when do puppies just cozy up on a lap and tilt their heads just so like a photographer hopes they will? I was totally loving it! {And I have to brag a bit....this was the SECOND shot of the day. I could've just melted with happiness}

It's always my pleasure and honor to photograph an OpLove session.This couple was just so warm and easy-going; I truly hope I can be there to capture them reuniting when this deployment is over...
To "P" and "A": Thank you for this opportunity. Your personalities and love are infectious - you're both so wonderful to be around. I hope for you that this year flys by; stay safe & keep those smiles in your hearts...and may your Skype calls be clear & crisp without any awkward delays & video freezes {seriously!} 
XOXO Missie

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