Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away! {OpLove Session}

Mother Nature was not playing nice with me this past weekend. Friday evening I had a session scheduled, and it was so dark, dreary & pouring rain that we decided to reschedule. About an hour later, just as the session would have begun, the skies cleared and there was a gorgeous soft light downtown. Argh!!! So, on Saturday morning for this session it wasn't raining...until about 10 minutes in. Really?!! Luckily, it was more of a gentle rain and  downtown offered enough locations with covering that we were able to get the session in.  Whew!

These three adorable kiddos were such troopers...getting up early on a Saturday, and dealing with the rain. But they knew they were sending some special smiles and long-distance hugs to their Daddy!

This one cracks me up! We were at the end of the session, and it was starting to rain a little harder and so I was doing my best to keep them still in the spirit and smiling. In an attempt to get them giggling again I told them to scream...well, I definitely underestimated their enthusiasm! I'm pretty sure their Daddy may have been able to hear them. It was cute, though, and this is one of those captures that shows their personalities in full swing, so I have no doubt their Dad will love it. {Maybe bring back a few memories of some long-distance car rides? "Are we there yet?"} Certainly years down the road the three of them can look back at this and giggle.

Mom is a rockstar. Three little kiddos, dressed, happy, and on-time for an 8 AM session with about a 30 mins car ride? Man, she's GOOD!!!

I had a great time marching around downtown with this family, seeing who's feet could be the loudest and watching them giggle and snuggle. I know Daddy is going to cherish seeing his beautiful wife and their kiddos! I can't wait to get his album out for him to enjoy...

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  1. These are beautiful pictures! Mom is my sister and the 3 rambunctious kiddos are my niece and nephews; you absolutely captured their personalities (especially with the scream photo). Great job!