Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eli {and Mom, and Dad, and Buzz, and Woody....}

This little guy has such cute little cheeks & perfect little pouty lips...and some of the best "I'm cute so I can get away with whatever" looks. {definitely caught some of those for Mom & Dad to enjoy!} His favorite word right now is "no!" - but he's so adorable about it, it's not a trouble-making "no," just a cute little "no." No matter what you ask. I love little ones....I love how they force you to step back and just enjoy the moment, because you never know what they'll say or what will get them excited. Inevitably I always wind up over-shooting when working with this age group because they're just a rollercoaster of expressions and I never want to miss a beat. It's so fun, but it definitely makes it hard to select the final images for the gallery.
 These were the first two shots of the session, when Eli was still being a little shy. I loved how he was peeking over Mom's leg...
 Getting to play by the fountain with Mom & Dad won him over....and since he brought along a few of his favorite friends we just had to let them splash & play, too. I was so glad he didn't move when I went an moved all his buddies to get them lying just like he was; I was so afraid I was going to miss the shot!

The skies were cloudy on Monday morning, but thankfully the little rain droplets held off until the  end, and even then they were very light. Whew! This session was originally scheduled for when Hurricane Irene hit, so I was a little nervous seeing "scattered showers" in the forecast. So happy Mother Nature remembered that she owed us one and we were able to get this session in.


  1. These pictures are amazing, my daughter,son-n-law, and GRANDSON look so happy! We are 500 miles apart, these photos will bring them a little closer to my heart!

  2. Love them... Aunt Kelly wants a copy of Eli and Friends.