Monday, August 3, 2009

Tarantula Team's Family Jump Day

Whew- so I'm not sure who's a bit nuttier...the Tarantula Team for jumping out of helicopters every month and enjoying it, or the families for waking up so early to "chill out" in the desert and watch?! But it is totally cool to see, and I'll admit I felt the "Hooah" being out there to watch! (AND I even got my first humvee ride and some pretty cool "front row seating" out at the DZ!)
It was really fun to watch the guys in action ... especially one particularly cute Tarantula. (wink, hubby!) The morning definetly turned into an unfortgettable one ... and let me tell you, the team is "on it!" when it comes to training and being ready for anything, that's for sure!
I put together a little slideshow of some of the morning out can enjoy it on my website!

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  1. Get any of your poor hubby's accident?
    I am dying for Maddie's sneak peaks