Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little more tease....

**I did that fabulous budiour session a couple weeks ago, and created a great 5x7 book of the images for this hot mamma to give her lucky hubby for his Birthday. (LOVE the leg shot we used on the cover...a perfect little teaser to start the book!!) I promised I wouldn't post anything on here until after he got the book so that the surprise wouldn't be spoiled...well, his big day is tomorrow and she was taking him out to dinner last night so I can finally give you all a little taste as well. She is just plain gorgeous, and I'm sure her hubby is still drooling this morning...but these are especially for him, so I'll just give you just a little peek from the session...
**Hopefully her hubby never suspected a thing...I know he was kinda wondering why a babysitter was coming over early one AM! This was a great session, so Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy your little surprise!!
**For some of you gals thinking about doing a little budiour... go for it! It's a fun way to feel sexy and confident - whether it's a gift for that special someone, or a way to celebrate your recent accomplishments in the gym. These sessions are available in my studio, in your own home, or even out on location somewhere!
**On another train of thought, I traveled to Tehachapi on Friday to do an OpLove session with a gorgeous soldier from Ft. Carson who's about to deploy. I also had another session yesterday morning here on post - but my allergies kicked into full effect and my eyes were watering so much yesterday that I couldn't start proofing those yet ... boo! I got some drops, so I'll be starting those this afternoon . Hate to make ya wait on the sneak peeks, but they'll be up soon!!

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