Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tiefort Coyote Collage

(photo courtesy of Tiffany Johnson - OCSC Historian)
A few weeks ago, Ft Irwin officially welcomed Mrs Abrams to our "family" out here in the Mojave. I was beyond thrilled when I was asked to create her welcome gift on behalf of the OCSC. I started creating these collages as farewell gifts for coffee groups here on post, and am honored that they've become so well loved! For Mrs. Abrams I wrote a new phrasing; It read:
Warm desert tones for the raw beauty of the Mojave.
Vibrant green in honor of the spring blooms at sunrise; this is your "spring" at Irwin.
The swirling sky represents not only the strong desert winds, but also the winds of change in a military family's life.
Rugged yet beautiful Tiefort recalls your journey here; your journey ahead.
Two coyotes signify the strength of friendships to be formed.
Bold, beautiful patterns in honor of the inner strength and beauty an Army Wife possesses.

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