Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singing those Baby Blues

When I was in Kansas I was part of a really great photo club with some fantastic Manhattan area photographers, including Ali Mocabee and Scott Bean. I loved the photo trips, discussions, and an artist, I just love being surrounded by challenges and other creative minds. So I've been going a tad bit bonkers out here without a photo club or outlet for my brain; especially with all the craziness Mike and I have been going through with his cancer diagnosis, I've been craving a little mental distraction. So for a bit of fun I'm taking a photography class this fall! And that means...homework!!! So I am very grateful for the three Moms who let me "borrow" their cuties this past Monday so I could get a start on some of my assignments....

as a little "thank you" for their time, they'll each get a individual shot of their sweetie...
as well as a group shot! I put a "call for models" out on my blog & facebook page a bit ago...
so keep your eye out for more of those! (aren't these little expressions priceless? I have to admit, this photo session didn't help me get over the "baby itch" AT ALL!!)

The three of them are just so sweet. This little handsome devil was such a flirt...(catch his arm around her? hehehe) I love the honest little moment here...this poor little guy started to cry during the group shots, and his two little friends were just looking so concerned. So sweet! (of course, it was the domino effect after that!) It was so fun for me to meet these little ones and their awesome Moms. Thanks again so much for your time!!!


  1. Oh these came out sooo cute. I love the bonnet!!! So talented lady!!


  3. AYANNA'S MOMMYAugust 31, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    Missie you were wonderful with the kids and an absolute wiz behind the camera!! Thank you for allowing Ayanna and I to take part in your session.