Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 Mardi Gras & bye-bye-February

Wow- what a weekend! Seems like March is coming in like a Lion this year, not like a Lamb. I had THREE photo sessions....and ALL of them had to be rescheduled!! I was so bummed....but between sick kiddos and soldier's schedules being switched, it was one of those "life happens" type weekends :-( One of the shoots - with a newborn!! - is happening this Wednesday AM, so at least I don't have to wait too long to get my "pic fix" in...whew!
So, just a reminder - we all know how it goes in life; stuff happens. As always, if you need to reschedule a session, your deposit will be held to book your new time. But PLEASE let me know ASAP....I am usually booked about a month out, and if you know you're not going to be able to make your session in advance then it'll be easier for you to get a new session time the earlier you call. It also may help another family out that's hoping to get their session in earlier-I can call them to let them know something's now available. All my studio policies are on my site - be sure to check those out.
This weekend was the annual OCSC's Mardi Gras. My hubby and I had prior plans, so we didn't get to swing in; but I did have two cool items donated to the auction to help raise money for the scholarship funds. I gave away one FREE photo session - including an 11x14 print - and an original Tiefort Coyote cut paper collage. I hope everyone who went had a lot of fun - I hear it's a great event, and it's certainly for an awesome cause!

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