Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bells will be Ringing!

This past Wednesday I got to meet up with my very first "soon to be Mr & Mrs!" Whoohooo!

Adrienne & Eric are getting married this May. I'm so excited to see everything come to life for them - it's going to be a sunset wedding here on post, and the reception ( I LOVE this!!) is going to be a coffee & desserts bar. I met up with Adrienne & Eric at Starbucks so we could talk about the wedding details, and so I could get to know them...I've already got a "shot list" running through my head :-) They have an adorable story about how cakes have a special significance in their love story, so they're going to have a variety of them for everyone to enjoy as they fun & meaningful,(not to mention cool to take pics of! Especially since I have a thing for Pop artist Wayne Thiebaud...) , and Adrienne picked the colors yellow and violet for her bridesmaids and flowers. Those are going to just "pop" and I can't wait to see the dresses and flowers :-) (My art students can tell you - violet and yellow are complementary colors...opposites on the color wheel...and one of my fav color combos)

This will be my first wedding - I can't wait! I assisted photographer Ali Mocabee in Kansas, and am so psyched to have my first solo gig. Congratulations again, Adrienne & Eric!!

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  1. So fun! You beat me- I haven't had a chance to blog about our meeting yet. Haha. :)