Sunday, March 15, 2009

My new logo!!

Here it is!! My new logo...created just for me (so fun!) by El Easley.

El is so fun & creative. I love my new logo....did ya catch how she incorporated my initials - M J - into the blooming flower? I can't wait for my new business cards & tags to arrive! I saw her square shaped cards and thought they were too cool, so she's doing mine as squares as well. (that's the front/back to the left)

El's here on post and usually has a table at events. If you haven't checked out her work in the past, you definetly should. She makes the coolest birthday invitations-they make me WANT to be turning 30 this summer so that I can have an excuse to have her make some! She also has an impressive portfolio of wedding invites, business cards/brochures/letterheads, and has done event programs as well. If you're looking for invites and programs for your Team/Battallion Balls or special events, she's your gal!
Thanks again, El! I LOVE what you did!

1 comment:

  1. Love your new buisness cards - - I guess that is what I saw on the table today and i didn't even know it was the debut!! How funny, we have the same background on our blog pages - - great minds think alike! I can't wait for us to have our photo session!