Monday, March 2, 2009

Site Makeover & Free Archive CDs with print orders of $75 or more!

I did a little "spring cleaning" this weekend, and now my Sunflower Studio site has a new look! I hope you all like it and find it easier to navigate. Updates and reminders about studio news can now be found at the top of the pages, and instead of the photo galleries being photos scattered about you can now view a slideshow of each gallery on my SmugMug page. (The same location as my client galleries) Check it out and let me know what ya think!

A cool new change on my printing a la carte menu that you definetly want to know about!!! Now, when your order $75 or more worth of prints off the a la carte menu, you'll receive a FREE archive CD of those images as a Thank You! You gotta love that!

I still offer four great portrait packages that also include an archive CD, but I'm going to be completly changing those soon to make 'em even better for ya! Cool'll see!!

The fabulous El Easley has created a cool new logo for me, and is working on some awesome business cards for me as well - I can't wait to add the logo to my site, and start using my cards! If you're looking for someone to design some very artistic and creative birthday invitations, brochures, formal invites, business cards....El's your gal. Check her booth out at post events- she has a great portfolio. El, you rock- I LOVE my new logo!!

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