Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiefort Coyote

Warm desert colors for the raw beauty of the Mojave
Tiefort at sunset to signify the closing of your time here at Irwin
The swirling skies represent not only the strong desert winds,
but also the winds of change in a military family's life.
Two coyotes to remind you of the strength of friendships formed
Bold, beautiful patterns in honor of the inner strength and beauty
an Army Wife possesses.
Fort Irwin, California
Missie Jurick, 2009

I was asked to create a work of art for one of the Coffee groups here on post to use as their farewell gift; something that would be inspired by Fort Irwin, but wouldn't be your stereotypical Army gift to a wife. The original idea was to do a watercolor, but as I was going through some of paper collection, (hey- it's that and shoes, it could be worse!) , I found the perfect piece of purply-silver crinkle paper from India that just really screamed "Tiefort at sunset" to I went with it! I love how the final piece looks...and it gave me an excuse to buy a ton more paper! So, each wife will be receiving a unique Tiefort Coyote piece, signed and matted. I wrote the description above to accompany each piece as well. I've also created some variations of the design and will have those available at my tables during post events. These designs are 8x10, matted in an 11x14, and are $25. Smaller or larger designs are available at different prices- just let me know what you're looking for!

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