Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

{insert photo of me & Paulie here}

Wow! To say that the past seven days has been a blur would be a HUGE understatement. But what an awesome, humbling, {exhausting} and emotional blur it was. I am so grateful for the
experience I had getting to photograph the behind-the-scenes action of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build. I will never forget this...and I have the 1,200+ photographs to prove it. yikes!

So for this week's "Awkward & Awesome" images I have a very cute shot of myself with EMHE Designer Paulie. I've been so excited to post it here...but for some reason my blogger is being temperamental today and I keep getting the dreaded "box with the red X." Boo! But that's OK, 'cause it is "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" and to have a post on a photography blog that doesn't include a photograph definitely fits the awkward category. 

Without further is this week's "Awkward & Awesome"

The Awkward:
  • Talking to a group of people you had just taken a photograph of and asking them what brought them to Fayetteville from Nashville, a country music concert... in the VIP tent...{whoops! in my defense they had changed their shirts since they stepped off stage! sorry, guys!}
  • Nearly face-planting at the construction site in front of a whole slew of people. {How was I supposed to see the hot pink wire tied to the stakes that was outlining where a wall was going to go?  Certainly the man bent over hammering in one of the stakes to stretch that wire wasn't a dead giveaway that something was there....and certainly I wasn't really that silly to not be watching where I was running to on a construction site! }

The Awesome:

  • This entire week! Seeing a community pull together to build a home for a wonderful family and the Women Veterans who they so lovingly help was just beyond words. 

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