Friday, July 29, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday {A fun little group posting}

I've really been enjoying this new little weekly blog theme; a big thanks again to my friend Heather for getting a group of us together to start doing this! I really hope you've been able to get a few giggles on our behalf...we've definitely all had some pretty awkward "awkwards"  to share! Thankfully, we've also had some pretty incredible "awesomes" to share as well...

Without further ado, here are some of the moments from my week that have left me both smacking myself in the head with embarrassment, and smiling big...


  • Feelin' all pumped and ready for an awesome workout in some schnazzy new cross-trainers....and then looking down while you're a few miles in only to realize you never took the huge tag/info pamphlet off the shoes. Now everyone at the gym is aware that you have a 15-day test run of the shoes. nice.
  • Why is it that every plant I bought for my garden out back has withered away, but the weeds are all growing lush and plentiful? I will win this battle....someday....
  • I know that I'm going to be 32 and that everyone on the planet has to go to the Drs and should really just get over it already, but seriously...all the questions you have to fill out or answer when you're seeing a new Doctor? I really wish the "ice breaker" questions when meeting a Dr for the first time could be more like "Did you see Hangover 2? Wasn't that hilarious?" rather than "and when was the first day of your last period?" 
  • 23 days 'till the Iron Girl Triathlon. WHAT?!!! 


  • New running shoes....I love the extra little "bounce" they add to your step!
  • Skype! I know we're behind the eight ball a little bit, but two months in to this deployment my hubby and I FINALLY had the chance to see each other. Pure awesomeness to see his smile.
  • Noticing that all the squats and lunges and hours spent at the gym may finally be paying off....I do believe my booty is a little bit perkier! (or maybe it's just the extra bounce from my new shoes....either way, I like it hehe)
  • Friends that convince you to do things you'd never do sign up for a triathlon. Seriously Ali...I love ya....I hate ya, but I love ya....
OK...I have a TON of blogging to catch up on over the next few days, so stay tuned. But don't forget to hop on over to Heather and Erica's blogs to share in their Awkward & Awesome's as well. Love those gals!  

{Above Image: Kristen, one of Awesome instructors at Omni Fitness. She kicks my butt twice a week...and was one of the Featured Members I photographed last weekend for the gym's monthly Spotlight.)

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  1. I love this post... yes, changing drs is awkward.. yes, Skyping with your husband is awesome! I'm so glad you and Mike got to do that! :) - Elizabeth R