Friday, July 15, 2011

Extreme Makeover Home Edition {Day Two on Set}

Day two on the set of Extreme Makeover Home Edition was so fun! {I think I'll be saying that about every day, just to warn you...} Nothing like tearing down a house to create some excitement. One of my favorite parts of any EMHE episode is seeing what creative ways they come up with for the demolition. Today was no dissapointment, and again it's just so crazy to watch how it all gets filmed versus how it plays out on TV. Certainly can't wait for this episode to air! I'm sure most people in Fayetteville know what happens from reading all the Tweets and FB updates, but in the spirit of good fun here on my blog I'm going to make you wait for the episode to actually air. {October-ish is the date...and yes, "ish" was the term used. I'll certainly let you know when I know the date...and after the show airs I'll write some "behind the scenes" notes - sort of like those "pop up videos" that VH1 used to do, only Missie Blog Style}

I will tell you that it was a fantastic group of Women who made the magic happen, all of whom are Veterans or currently serving in the Armed Forces. {a lot of awesome comraderie out there today!}
It was neat to see some of them snag autographs on their shirts...and so fun to watch Ty in action.

{Red shirts are Veterans, Green shirts Army (Hooah!), Blue were Navy & Airforce} I have a lot of great shots of the action today, including some shots of each of the designers autographing a very cool item that's going to be auctioned off, but any images I have of the designers/VIPs/Building Process, etc, I have to submit for approval before I can post. It's so cool to experience something like this as a photographer who normally focuses on family/child photography...I'm spending an entire day on set capturing hundreds of images, and then I come home and immediately upload them and have to narrow down to 25 to shoot off for submission. I then still have to go through all of them, do any little "clean ups," and then get everthing I shot on to CD to hand over in the AM when it all starts again. {let's just say my tendency to do a lot of clicking away is quickly being minimized! The art of "shooting for a purpose" is something that truly comes in handy for this!} I figured in advance I wouldn't be able to share any Celebrity/VIP images I capture until the approval process happens, but I was surprised to hear about them needing to look over EVERY image...but the answer made perfect sense: Some images won't be shared until after the show ends so as not to give away the entire episode; some will be used in promotional pieces just before the show airs; all need to be looked at to make sure everything is OK for legal, now I know!

Here's my favorite group of gals on set again today...rockin' those blue shirts for sure. My personal goal is to get a group pic of them every that the house is down, tomorrow that means these gals will be working hard...can't wait to catch 'em in action!

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