Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Extreme Makeover Home Edition {Day 4 on set}

Yesterday was Day Four of the build, and it's definitely getting to crunch time! I've started popping in and out rather than staying all day like previously because I feel bad getting in the way of all the workers by walking around and through them to get images. But it's so much fun, and everyone's so fantastic that I have trouble making myself leave the area!

Cool compositions are all around on build sites...I was loving these people working on the stone; the straight line with varying heights - yeah! Of course you have to just "let go" and realize that you can really say "everyone stop! Hold it so I can get that shot!"  when you're on a time crunch like these folks are, so you snap while you see it and hope not to many people step in front of you at that exact moment. {I'm still amazed that this one only had one "head" appear! This place is bumper-to-bumper people!}

This gentleman and his friend had the best spot in the house last night....right by a huge fan! Smart guys...very smart...{I should add that they were working hard, and only paused for a brief second. They joked that I had to take a pic that made 'em look like they weren't doing their job...so in case you're reading this, guys, see- I vouched for ya!}

 I just thought this was cute....hustle and bustle all about below and I look up to see a pair of feet handing down through the rafters. Nice work shoes, too!

These are some of the guys who were working feverishly on the gorgeous decking. When I took this shot they'd been here for about 14 hours or something...but not one complaint and all still smiling and laughing...

Finally got to be there for some of the night action last night. This was at about 9:30 PM...they have it all lit up like a football field for the workers....

I saw this guy taking a breather and had to grab the shot really quick...just a bit lit from the bigs lights, I liked the "mood" of it. I actually bumped into him this morning and told him I liked the shot I got of him, and he told me he'd been on the site for 38 hours by that point! Yowzas! {He'd gone home and snuck in 6 hours of sleep and was back for more today. Love the dedication!}

Lots and lots of paint is needed for an 8,000 sq. foot home! I've been able to walk around inside and see some of the colors going up....very cool! I can't wait to see it all done when the show airs!

Well, I'm actually off to grab some more shots. If everything's on schedule then this afternoon the home gets turned over to the designers for them to work on the inside decor. Tonight I get to dust off and get dressed up to enjoy the VIP Fundraising dinner at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens. I'm so excited!

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