Thursday, July 21, 2011

Extreme Makeover Home Edition {The Concert}

Hmmm.....This should have posted a few days ago, but didn't....thankfully it was saved as a draft. Better late than never, right? Here's my posting from the 18th:

Yesterday was a blast! This is going to be a quick update - I was photographing until 9 last night and got a little carried away with shots of Josh Thompson performing, so when I got home...well, let's just say I was up 'till the wee hours looking at them all while narrowing down to the 25 shots of the day to submit. I'm a little fuzzy brained from lack of sleep, and still sorta feeling the speakers pounding from the concert...and I didn't get the complete set of images burned to CD yet like I normally do....and it's already 9:15 and I was hoping to be back on the scene by 8....where's the coffee when you need it? hehe's a few quick snaps from the concert last night. This first one is after the concert ended, with Josh Thompson's Drummer and Guitarist. Super nice guys! I got to meet Josh as well before the concert, and snagged an autograph for my hubby. {There was this teenage boy there that the drummer was giving a drumstick to...he was so cute with how excited and nervous he was - he was obviously a big fan of the band and thrilled at the experience. I handed him my camera to snag our pic, and the poor kid was shaking so much that even after a few attempts this was the least shaky he could get. too funny}

Ok, this is where my lack of sleep comes into play....I can't remember this guitarist name! The Drummer was Brian (I'm pretty sure...). But this guy had awesome stage presence...he was fun to watch in action. I'll save some more stories for this week's "Awkard & Awesome" post, 'cause leave it to me to have some awkward happen this week for sure!

{I didn't really know who Josh was before the concert, but I am definitely now a fan. What a nice guy, great performer, and huge supporter of the military. Check out his fan club The Chrome Bullet Crew...he always wears a bullet around his neck from his father's 21 Gun Salute, so hence the name}

I had a blast getting to be backstage....never had that experience before, and now I'll never be able to go to a concert again unless it's with this kind of seat!

Jaime Tate was the opening act....she was super nice as well, and her band is so easy to talk to...well, especially when you don't realize you're hanging out talking to the I said, more to follow on my "awkward" Thursdays ....

This is Josh at the beginning of his set. Yup, now my newest member of my celebrity crush list....

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