Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays {Week 5}

Such an amazing week I've had...and of course like all thing awesome, it just flew by in a snap! So many things from my time at the amazing Chicks Who Click Conference that I want to share with you all in the coming weeks, including some exciting additions and changes to Missie Jurick Photography; but first it's time once again for Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

The Awkward:
  • Can I get a round of applause,please? I spent four days surrounded by extremely talented, blog-stalker-worthy, utterly wonderful fellow photographers...and somehow managed NOT to completely embarass myself! I didn't fall, walk around with spinach in my teeth, trip over any cords during a photo session sending sets tumbling, or {that I know of, anyway...} say anything completely ridiculous. For this I'm granting myself a one-week "pass" for anything in the awkward range of life. This week, as far as my blog is concerned, I was the epitome of perfection....{?? is this allowed ??}
The Awesome:
  • Stressing slightly over being at a conference all by your lonesome only to find that a friend from WVU, who you haven't seen in 4 years, is there too!
  • Having a career in which conferences are actually FUN, motivational, enriching, emotional, and life-changing events. True confession: when I was a teacher and went to conferences I'd be watching the clock thinking "when's the break?!" Since becoming a photographer full time I don't miss a session and am always just wanting more! True confirmation that I've made the right call for myself in leaving behind a steady paycheck to build my own business. It really is all worth it.
  • Needing a box of tissues because you're just that moved by someone's images and story.
  • Being "that girl" on a 5 1/2 hour plane ride who talks a stranger's ear off because you have so many ideas in your head you just can't keep them in a minute longer or you'll explode....and having that stranger thankfully not strangle you or pretend to fall asleep. {Regina, if you ever stumble upon this blog thanks for listening and your feedback!! }
  • Coming home to your dog waiting excitably at the door for you, tail wagging and tongue out.
  • Your best friend coming to visit...and a house being a home again because of that.
  • Excuse to go to the Cupcake Gallery!!! Your best friend is here with her hubby and two crazy-cool kids, and everyone knows after a day at the Children's Museum you HAVE to have cupcakes!
Heather & Erica will have their posts up today, too, so don't forget to check in with them! I hope you have a fantastic weekend...HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! XOXO missie

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