Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Here we are! Week two of the "Awkward & Awesome" blog post, where you get to have a little giggle at my own expense. In addition to getting to know me a bit more...It's free! So, why not come back every week? And while you're at it,  check out my fabulous friends Heather & Erica, who are taking part in this fun little bit, too! (and don't forget to share your link to your blog with us so we can follow along with you. Drop me a line on facebook)

(drumroll, please....)

The Awkward:

  • Ya know those "sneeze guards" up at salad bars & buffets? Whack!! Completely smacked the back of my head on one...that's what I get for cheating on my diet at a Chinese Food Buffet. (I believe it was the sesame chicken that I was reaching for....)
  • At this same restaurant a woman kept following me asking where I found my shrimp...well, I didn't have any shrimp on my plate, I had no idea where the shrimp was, and I was running out of ways to tell her that...
  • What's up with the atomic wedgies that only seem to occur while you're running on the treadmill at the gym...during the most crowded time of day? (is there a discreet, polite & ladylike way to pick those?)
  • Having to chase my cat, Biff, around my yard while I'm in my hot pink pajamas...he's been having a bit of a love affair with our stray cat through our screened in porch and once again "busted loose" to go on out and party. I should add that the street I live on has a couple museums and businesses, so there's always people out and about....

The Awesome:
  • A bowl full of fresh blackberries
  • My heating pad + a good book = sweet relief for my back after yesterday's workout
  • Speaking of good books....Water for Elephants is fantastic. I read it forever ago, but am re-reading it this week so I can see the movie. 
  • My hilariously entertaining, completely supportive, and oh-so-loving parents celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary.  
  • "Poe", the stray cat I've been feeding and trying not to fall in love with, finally let me really pet her the other day. Her purrs were going full-force as I rubbed under her chin. 

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