Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stephanie & Josh {Shady Wagon Farm}

At a fantastic photo seminar in Raliegh I was fortunete enough to be sitting next to a super fun, super talented, & super sweet wedding photographer, Kristin Boness. Between the spells of lovelust & super powers that Jerry Ghionis and Sandy Puc' had us all under, we were able to strike up a few conversations and of course traded info. A great little friendship formed via Facebook, and I was tickled pink with enthusiasm one day to get a call from Kristin asking if I'd be interested in shooting a few weddings with her.

Weddings make me so giddy...the details, the colors, the emotions, the fun, excitment, personalities, locations....for me, it's all a photography dream! And in the not-too,too-distant future (when the hubby is retired from the army & we're not be-bopping around the world every 2 years) I plan on diving into the world of wedding photography more. But for now, when I'm not in a  location long enough to really create bonds with amazing vendors and truly break into the wedding market, I plan on soaking up all the fun I can get second-shooting these beautiful events. {of course that doesn't mean I'm not up for flying solo! Just not marketing myself for weddings right now...I'm digging the fun sessions I do.}

This past Saturday was my first time getting to work with Kristin. It's always a little "butterfly in the tummy" feeling to second-shoot with someone - what's their shooting style? Are they wound up balls of stress? Too relaxed to the point you're wandering aimless?- Whew! Thankfully Kristin is definitly NOT any of those. She is so organized, so calm, and obviously feels the same way I do about the importance of really getting to know who you're photographing. It was a BLAST working with her and getting to know the DJ & Videographer, and I certainly look forward to  more Saturdays with her. (just need to remember to avoid the temptations of the slices of wedding cake we're offered!! YUM)

As a second-shooter I get to enjoy a little less pressure than the main photographer, and get to have fun shooting from a different perspective-which I think suits my "storytelling" style well. It also means I get to play with the detail shots...which are always my favorite :-)

These are just a few of the images I took at Stephanie & Josh's wedding out at the beautiful Shady Wagon Farm in New Hill. They are SUCH a sweet & gorgeous couple and I really enjoyed getting to know them and their love story. (Josh proposed with the help of their new little cute!) I loved the location & the gorgeous shade of blue the gals wore. Everything just popped with color...but with the earthy setting, I just had to give these images a bit of a vintage tone for the blog post. XOXO

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  1. Missie these are absolutely amazing!!!! WOW just breathtaking<3 Can't wait to see more in the future!