Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays {Week 4}

Welcome to week four of "Awkward & Awesome Thursday!" This week I'm writing to you from hot, hot, hot & sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, where I am so excited to be attending the "Chicks Who Click" photography conference at the beautiful FireSky Resort. I'm thrilled to say my flights here were not only smooth, but I somehow managed to avoid the dreaded "C" boarding group on my Southwest flights AND scored the extra leg room of the emergency exit row. To top it off, my bag was the first off the carousel and I had enough time to sit by the lagoon here and read a bit before everything begins tonight. Ahhhhh....but, I will stop there before I jinx myself for the trip home! I hope you all  have had a fabulous start to your summer, and without further ado......

The Awkward:

  • Going to a conference all by yourself...I feel like I'm back in middle school! What should I wear? Who do I sit with? They're laughing over there in the my skirt tucked into my undies? Do I wear the lanyard and ID tag around my neck, or is that not what the "cool kids" are doing? Where's Sandy Puc'? What's she wearing ... is she wearing hers? If she is, then I'm not nerdy for wearing mine....she's cool, she's got multi-colored hair...ok, other people are wearing theirs so I'm OK....but the bag? What do I do with the bag? Is it nerdy to carry it around? OK...I'm just gonna sit here and read until the first class starts...
  • Realizing that the reason you seem to be 1 hour early to register and then again to go to the first class is because you ARE 1 hour early. {How could I forget about that final time change I just had?} These gals at the registration table must think I'm weird and really not good at telling time...I was right in my world, just not theirs...oh, only took me 3 hours to figure it out...
The Awesome:

  • Being at this conference!
  • The goody bag !
  • The amazing talent downstairs...I can't wait to soak it all in and make new friends!
  • My Grandparents!! They both competed in the Senior Olympics this week  and brought home a Silver (PopPop), Bronze (Grandma) AND a Gold (together as a pair team) in bowling! So darn proud of them!!
OK--- ten minutes 'till show time! I'll blog more about this week for sure. For now, don't forget to check out Heather and Erica's Awesome & Awkward posts, too. Always a hoot, and always with beautiful imagery!


  1. Have a great time at the convention, Missie! :)

  2. How cute and fun! I hope you have a wonderful time Missie. Can't wait to hear about it<3

  3. Hi Missie,
    Hope you have a great time. I wish I knew you were going I would have loved to tag along with you. You know I am still learning and trying to make my moves in the photography business. I have tried to contact you several times but no luck maybe this time. I know you are a busy woman!! Have fun and can't wait to read about it on the blog. Have Fun, Jeanette

  4. Hi Jeanette
    It would have been fabulous to have you there, too! They haven't announced the dates for next year, but it's part of PPACharities, so keep an eye out on their website You'll have a blast!! I will definitely go every year that I possibly beyond worth it! {I haven't gotten any e-mails from you :-( If you've left blog messages like this one I really am horrible about checking them...facebook and e-mail are what I remember to look on! Sorry!!} Smiles, Missie