Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Diva and 3 Dudes {Camera Strap Cover}

I learned from an early age the importance of accessorizing, so it really is a wonder that it took me until now to finally get one of those cute camera strap covers that you see everywhere. There's an endless supply of them out there on the web to purchase, and so many beautiful fabric was hard to choose just one...

With so many stores offering them, it was a bit overwhelming to decide who to order I thought for anyone else in the same boat I'd post my personal opinion on my recent purchase. While a camera strap cover isn't as "important" as chosing a lens or camera bag, it's still a purchase and something that reflects your style, and it's nice to feel confident in any purchase that you make.

As I mention a lot, I am a HUGE fan of etsy. I just love the unique things you can find on there, and I love the artistry and love that goes in to everything being sold...not to mention I love supporting other small businesses. There are a slew of etsy shops that sell these covers, and a surprising price range as well for something like this. I wound up ordering from a shop called A Diva and 3 Dudes; they had one of the lowest prices, and their customer reviews all raved about receiving their order quickly and loving it. {There were a few more expensive shops that had a little wider selection of fabrics, some even with ruffles or the option to have 2 fabrics for 2 looks...I loved those, but when I saw a few comments about taking forever to get the products I decided to try another route.}

I'm sure all the other shops are fabulous- their designs are cute, and I've personally never had a bad experience from any etsy shop - but I can tell you that I'm thrilled with A Diva and 3 Dudes and will definitely order from them again. Their prices were awesome, I had my strap arrive in 2 days {I love instant gratification}. It's just as padded, comfy, well-made, and convenient as they describe. I wore it this AM on a lengthy outdoor family session; we were walking all over a farm in thick, humid, wet North Carolina heat;my camera never felt so comfy on my neck, and I loved the padding-just the right amount. My favorite little feature, though, is the little lens cap pocket. I have a few lense cap straps, but I've had the attachment fall off, and I'm always sticking the caps in my pockets and forgetting where they are...this was so nice to just pop into the pocket and not worry about...

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  1. I was thrilled to find this write up about my ETSY shop. Thank you so much. You made my day!