Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Strahls {They wear their sunglasses at night!}

Despite sitting on a cactus {ouch! sneaky little bugger was hiding between two rocks...not cool! guess it's just an occupational hazard out here in the Mojave! hehehe} I had fun out at Camp Millenium and Bicycle Lake with the fabulous Strahl family on Friday evening! We got some family cuddle time in as well as some time with each of the kiddos to get some solo time with Mom and Dad...

Love this one of Lauren and Courtney ... how cool to be sisters!....

Their time at Irwin is coming to a what better way to celebrate than Tiefort at Sunset?

{LOVE this one} Only the coolest can wear their sunglasses at night, and this family definetely fits the bill!

{Love the colors}

Gonna miss seeing your smiling faces around post! So glad I got to capture some Fort Irwin moments for you...enjoy your SUMMER and your new adventures ahead!


  1. Missie,
    I absolutely love the preview pictures and can not wait to see the entire gallery!!! Thank you so much for always making picture taking so much fun. We love you and will miss you terribly.


  2. Tammy, Awesome pics! You have a beautiful family. I'm going to miss seeing your smiling face around . . . .

  3. Love the picture of the family jumping! Great shots!

  4. Thanks so much!!! Tammy- gonna miss you guys, too!! Thank goodness for cell phones, text messaging and Facebook!!! I'm only a "click" away! hehehe You'd better keep in touch...and I can't wait to work with you guys again!!!!