Friday, June 4, 2010

{the equally gorgeous} Kiernan & Nanda

Anytime I get to work with Kiernan I just know it's gonna be a session full of laughs! Tuesday morning was no different! How I'm gonna miss this fun little gal ... {the downer to military life-getting to know such awesome families, then having to say "farewell!" and cross your fingers that the army will have you crossing paths again soon}...

So Dad had a special request for some pics of Mom...who's a bit camera-shy {and shouldn't be!!! You're gorgeous!!} what better way to make Dad happy than to get TWO of his special gals together...

Ah! How awesome are  Mother-Daughter it too late on the east coast to call my Mom?

So this is a not-so-sneek-peek since their gallery has already been posted...{sometimes ya just gotta shake things up a bit} sorry for the late posting on here, but enjoy!!

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