Monday, May 3, 2010

Tiefort Coyote {Ft Irwin Farewells}

"Warm desert colors for the raw beauty of the Mojave
Tiefort at sunset to signify the closing of your time here at Irwin
The swirling skies represent not only the strong desert winds,
but also the winds of change in a military family's life.
Two coyotes to remind you of the strength of friendships formed
Bold, beautiful patterns in honor of the inner strength and beauty
an Army Wife possesses."
Fort Irwin, California

Putting the camera down for a  moment to share these with you....I've been making these coyote collages for two different units' wives farewell gifts;The original design was actually commissioned as a gift for General Pittard's wife, Lucille, and a slightly different version was used as the welcome gift for General Abram's wife, Connie! Each collage is unique in its colors and patterns; they can be earthtoned, or I can customize a color pallete for you. {please allow 3 weeks when ordering as the papers are special ordered. $25}

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