Friday, June 4, 2010

Ballerina Girl {Kylin}

Thursday morning I got to hang out with this pretty little ballerina and her two brothers. {I'll be posting their pics seperately} Sometimes I start to feel a little "trapped" here at Fort Irwin, but then I realize that sometimes being "stuck" out here in this remote location has a lot of benefits- for one, it makes it easy to bounce around to different locations during a session to get some different shots! And that's exactly what we did...for their individual shots we went to three different places to allow Kylin and her brothers to just be themselves. For her, it was her ballet studio...

Kylin is such a sweet little was so cute to watch her doing her little twirls! {and of course I just love the glittery ballet slippers!!} I just got these new textures today, so I had to play around with them a bit for these today :-)  {this one is a batik texture...I bought a set of 25 different ones, so now I'm never going to get anything done 'cause I just want to play!!! hehehe}

More to come from her brothers!....


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I think these are some of my favorites! You are so talented! And have obviously put a lot of work into your career! The first one is just awesome!

  2. Missie, these are great! What filter did you use to create the effect?

  3. Thanks gals!! Cool to wake up on a Monday morning to some "love" on my blog :-) Allison- those actually were done with texture overlays in photoshop;they're fun to play with if you haven' playing around with opacity & the mode you can get some cool effects. I just got this pack of 25- I can see myself having fun with them!