Friday, June 4, 2010

"Slugger" and his travels

I grew up in the Jersey Pinebarrens, where deer would graze in our front yard, chipmunks would scurry about the fence by the pool, and rabbits would hip-hop their way around the yard. Living in the Mojave has been a bit of an adjustment for me {to say the least}; so while lizard and tarantula {and even the occasional desert tortoise} spotting is cool, it's just still not "home" for me...

so that explains my excitement over this little guy being in my yard on Monday! Actually, I guess I really sort of smuggled him in - I was planting flowers I'd just bought at a nursery {yes- trying that again...I will not give up on trying to keep flowers alive out here, even with my lack of a "green thumb"} and "Slugger" here was at the bottom of one of the pots. Is that sad that I was so tickled pink to have a creature that didn't have 8 legs inching about my backyard? {even with the trail of slug goo he was leaving}

Not wanting Slugger to fall victim to my playful {and always hungry} lab, Quilla, I moved him to my fence - where he "quickly" made himself at home. Man- wish I could just hang upside down in the shade!

So yes, I admit my {"nerdness?!"} at being excited about this small little visitor...but admit it- you think he's kinda cute, too! hehehe

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