Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring Flings

Wow! The days are just flying by here on Fort Irwin! Can't believe Mike & I are coming up on our 8th month of being here already - where did the time go?! And...where did my ability to handle cold weather go? Geeze - I've become a wimp since leaving those Kansas winters! I'm getting too used to mild Mojave winters-I may be spoiled for life...
Just a few studio updates; I've already started getting sessions booked for May, so my spring schedule is starting to fill! I still have session openings available, but don't delay in calling to book...and keep in mind that early morning or late evening light is best for those fun & gorgeous outside natural light sessions. Looking ahead to the summer schedule, Mike & I will be doing some globe-trotting, (yeah!!! We've been in need of another M&M adventure!!!), so summer sessions in June are going to be limited....but fear not, come July I'll be back in full swing! I've also got a new Macro lens coming in ...whooohooo!Hurry, hurry,Mr. Postman!!!
On the Art Class side of life, Home School Art Class in now back for round 2 :-) My garage has been transformed into the Art Room (oh my poor hubby- he's such a good sport about all this!!) and I don't know who's more excited about the fun group of kids I've got for this session, me...or my dog! 16 at once!! What's a dog to do? Who do you lick first? Who's gonna throw the ball first? She definetly gets a ton of attention when class is over...let's just hope there are no reaccurances of "the great crayon-eating incident of '08"...
And....custom artwork! Just finished a cool step-stool design for a beautiful little Miss Evelyn...Mom wanted some non-traditional butterflies, so I created a design using her first initial
to form the wings. Next up I'm working on what will be her "big girl" bed ... birds, branches....along the same theme as her birth announcements - very cool! I've also created some cut paper collages that are being used as farewell gifts for one of the coffee groups here. I LOVE how they look, and am creating some variations on the design that are for sale. Come see me at events around post to check 'em out...and I'll get some pics & info online soon, too.
OK- my camera awaits!

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