Saturday, March 24, 2012

Elijah {First Birthday!}

 Those of you who follow me on Facebook saw me gushing about my new "find" the other...this gorgeous vintage chair! How could I resist bringing it home? {and bringing it home meant driving with the top down with this sweet find's legs sticking out of the back seat of my little beetle bug...hey- a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!} Even better than bringing it home was getting to use it in a session so soon after having it...and I
don't think I could have asked for a more perfect session to break it in with.

Mr Elijah turned One, and Mom was excited to capture this milestone in her sweet little guy's life. I was excited to be the one to do it! We met up for our pre-session consultation at my favorite little Coffee Shop in Downtown Fayetteville, and when she walked up with two smiling red heads I just about did a happy dance  right then and there. {My hubby's hair -when it's not in his Army high & tight- has beautiful hints of red in it, so I'm kinda a sucker for that}. I had a great time getting to know Mom, Elijah, and his big sister Olivia, and I knew right from the start that this was going to be one of those sessions that would just have everything "click."
 The morning of the session was calling for rain, but thankfully it (like I knew it would) 'clicked' and Mother Nature cooperated. We had a gorgeous spring morning; warm with a gentle breeze and beautiful soft light filtering in through the trees in the park. Elijah and Olivia arrived looking oh-so-cute, and we dove right in to the fun.

Mr Eli sat so tall & regal in the chair - way too cute...and Big Sis was a GREAT helper in making silly faces. (he's turned towards her laughing in that photo above) And one we put that hat on him it was instant smiles (before promptly tossing it off, in true toddler style)
Miss Olivia joined in the fun for some shots, giving extra big squishy hugs (can't wait for Mom to see that capture...but I'll just tease for now....) and doing a fabulous job of helping her brother walk around in the cool dewy grass (some other sweet moments I can't wait for Mom to see!)

We hit downtown afterwards for a second look for the session, and the "adorable" just kept on coming!

Thanks for an incredibly sweet session, you two! And Mom- bravo on the clothes you chose!! XOXO


  1. He is such a little man! I love the light in these. Awesome work!

  2. Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the sneek peek....this was such a fun session!! Thank you again!!