Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pickles n' Ice Cream {Ronnie & Jamie}

Whew! Getting a little carried away with this sneek-peek...I just couldn't decide what to share! Some of these images are the original versions, and some I've added a fun little haze to; I'm loving the colors and the romantic and playful feel they add. I think they're perfect for a desert maternity session for a sweet couple expecting a little girl. Hope you agree!

ha! It was fun standing in line at the commissary holding nothing but a jar of pickles and tub of ice cream...I certainly got a few looks, and I think I left one of my neighbors a little perplexed...but I thought incorporating the little cliche' would be a perfect icebreaker for this couple's maternity session, which was a surprise gift for them from the Mommy-to-be's parents...too fun!
I confess: I was a bit nervous about doing a maternity session without getting to talk to the couple first...but after a few minutes of watching them interact, I knew I had nothing to worry about...they seemed right at ease and able to be themselves. {gotta love the belly comparison!}
{I got the idea for this clothesline shot right before the session...I love how it turned out!}
Just after these desert shots were taken a vigilant someone had called the MPs to report us as "suspicious behaviour." I guess me with my camera gear and a cute couple out in the desert-eventhough we weren't anywhere unauthorized-sent someone's red flag up! {I guess working on a military installation it was bound to happen sometime! hehehe}
after this series of shots we started heading out towards Bicycle Lake; we were unaware that we were apparently "wanted for questioning!"  Long story short, we thankfully had two very nice MPs and obviously no issue lettng them know what we were doing....but even after they did an ID check and verified my vehicle they still stayed on to watch the remainder of the outside part of our session... these pics just go to show how completely in love, at ease, and unphased these two were to still just be able to be themselves while an audience of MPs watches on!
Jamie and Ronnie {my partners in crime}

After these we went back to the studio for some more shots...thankfully without any MPs to watch ;-) I'm sure I'll probably post some of those portraits, too..

Jamie & Ronnie....thank you so much for being such a great couple to work with! And for laughing off the MP experience...whew! It was so wonderful to get to know you...congratulations! Safe journeys back home to the east coast...and I hope you'll keep in touch! You'll have to be sure to send pics of your little Taylor come November. I hope you've enjoyed your sneek peek...your gallery is soon to follow :-) I truly hope our paths cross again someday! {maybe at a repeat performance of the WVU-Georgia Sugarbowl? hehehe...sorry, Ronnie...I had to get that in there.}

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