Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Boyles!

Harry, Amelia & Charlotte got to welcome their new baby sister, Elena, just two weeks ago...and they are just so sweet with her. Mom's little "sausage" slept through all the hubbub of the family portraits and her sibling's photos...and then she decided to tug on every hearstring that I had by waking up and only calming down when she was being held and snuggled. (it was nice to cuddle a newborn again, though! -sigh-so darn sweet! I love newborn sessions) Not even the cozy swaddling made her feel better...but wait! Ah, yes...the thumb! As soon as she found that, she was happy :-)

Mom had a sweet little nursery rhyme she sang (that's the first part I wrote above....only imagine it with an awesome British accent...that just made it ten times sweeter to listen to!) that I'm going to have to remember. My second little niece is due in not too long, and I can't wait to sing it to her and her sister when I go see them. (Thanks for sharing that, Julie!)

Congratulations again to this sweet, sweet family!

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